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Dinner at the Farm Table

Tonight it feels like a really exciting milestone has been reached on the farm. Half of the items on my dinner plate were grown and processed on the farm. For years a huge focus in my day to day life has been knowing where my food is coming from, and now knowing it came from just outside at my home feels monumental.

As I eat my radish pesto covered salmon and munch on tasty garlic scapes over rice I am full of gratitude. There's a satisfaction that comes from seeing a meal start from seed, and there's really no way to describe it. It's something I hope everyone gets to know at some point in their own life. One of my favorite parts of being at the farmer's markets is getting to have conversations with likeminded people, either trying out an unusual produce for the first time or picking up seeds to start the entire journey. I love getting to encourage local eating on any scale! And I appreciate having some of the tools to help guide and educate those in my community that are excited about it all, too.

So thank you to all of you that come by and ask questions at my booth, to those that pick up a new strange plant start just to see what happens, and welcome to the world of local food. Whether you're just dipping your toes into this world or diving in head first, I hope you stick around long enough to give so much more a try.

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